School Placements

You will undertake two secondary teaching placements in our Partnership Schools. You will have the opportunity to work in diverse inner city and rural environments, with learners from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. We try to place students in contrasting schools to ensure you have a rich and varied experience in your initial training year.

The placements are referred to as ‘Phase A’ and ‘Phase B’ placements.

Phase A - 44 Days

Your first placement is the ‘Phase A’ placement. You will attend 2 induction day visits to your Partnership School, and then spend 44 days in this setting. This will allow you to build on your existing experience and develop new skills with support from the school’s Co-ordinator for Initial Teacher Training and the subject Co-tutor who will oversee your professional development during the placement.

Phase B - 55 Days

Starting in either February or March your second school experience will be a  55 day placement in a contrasting school. The Phase B school has a

Co-ordinator and Co-tutor who have similar roles and responsibilities as those in the ‘Phase A’ School.

Modules shown represent choices available to current students. The range of modules available and the content of any individual module may change in future years.